Design Project

This week, I had more practical application of the skills I’ve learned in this class. Here is the final copy of the Light Armored Vehicle that I created the template for. A guy in Ladysmith picked up the vehicle on Friday and painted it all weekend. We should get it back tomorrow.

For my project, I am having more trouble putting it all together than I thought I would. I keep second guessing myself, mainly because so many people in this class have such great web designs. I am purposely keeping mine simple because I like cleaner design.

As far as templates, I’m pretty confused about how javascript works. I can easily incorporate it into my design, but I do not understand what the stylesheet is actually saying. One of the best parts about keeping a simple design is I know exactly what the website will do.

Another problem that I have had is I think I spent too much time collecting photographs that I will never be able to use for the scope of this project, but I hope to continue in the future.

I suppose I do not really have much else to add this week to my blog. Sorry for the shorter post.

About Kater

I work at the National Museum of the Marine Corps.

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