Computer trouble confusion

dw ftp failureWell, after looking at my website on a couple of devices, I found that the colors on one of my devices showed up as a green color, and on the other showed lavender. It’s pretty frustrating to know that what I’ve designed probably won’t show up the same everywhere else. W3C will help as I will now pick colors that are supported by all browsers though I know variation will exist. Oh well.

Looking through the sites this week, I think will be a site that I will save and refer to in the future. The site talks about standard colors for the US Government, which I think they leave a little bit of information out, and I will add to it here.

The US government standardized its paints in the late 1940s. The system they developed is still in use. Military (or other government entities) mandate what color a piece of equipment should be and outline it in a manual. The site does mention that the 1,2 or 3 at the beginning of the FS code denotes gloss, semi-gloss, or flat. Military applications are almost exclusively flat, because it is harder to see, but gloss is much easier to clean and is popular with military vehicle collectors. Marine Corps Green is FS 34052 a flat green color. FS 14052 is identical in color, but is gloss. FS 14052, 24052 and 34052 should all have an identical hex code, which they do not according to the site. If anyone wants to see a color fan, I own one, but they are expensive and no longer in production.

Here is another way that colors can be tricky, though with a little less application to the class. The standard yellow color for Marine Corps vehicles in WWII had a pigmentation of almost pure yellow lead. Because lead is no longer used in paints, it is virtually impossible to replicate that yellow in real life!

On another note, my windows firewall is prohibiting me from updating my portfolio website, which is obviously irritating. I spent a looooong time on Saturday and too much time today trying to figure out how to fix it. Windows 10 is ruining my life. If anybody knows how I can fix it, I would be so grateful for the help!


I commented on Ann-Marie’s blog.

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7 responses to “Computer trouble confusion”

  1. Alicia Tucker says :

    It is frustrating to realize that the image we see when we check the site in our browsers on our computer may not appear the same on another device. Josh and I had this discussion concerning font-families. You think you have everything just as you’d like it and suddenly you discover you have to start over. After creating two pages, I still feel like I might need to completely redesign them both. Last semester in Clio 1 I kept wishing I had a team to help me design my website — I still wish I had that team!

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  2. Lacey Wilson says :

    Do you have any screenshots of what Windows 10 is doing? I am using Cyberduck on Windows 10 with no issues. How is the firewall preventing you from updating it? Is the ftp client not working properly because of the firewall?


    • Kater says :

      I left a screenshot on the main page, but I think the firewall is blocking it. Again, my knowledge of this stuff is pretty rudimentary, so it may be a problem with reclaim hosting. But I did check that and I saw that it was a pretty common problem for firewalls to stop FTP transfers and I tried to go to some windows support sites on how to configure firewalls to allow the transfer, but I failed.

      And, which might be the case, but I’ve been using reclaim’s resident FTP, which worked until last Monday. There is also an option to drag and drop files, so I broke my website last Monday by trying to upload some revisions at the last second, saw DW wouldn’t transfer and tried to drag and drop which made a mess of my type assignment. Oops!


  3. Tam says :

    I hear you. The background for my page is a vibrant midnight blue (which is supposed to be a standard) yet came out as purple when brought up in Safari. Which caused me to have to go hunt down an old version of Safari for installation on my machine so that I can make sure that doesn’t happen again.

    What is happening with the firewall?

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    • Kater says :

      I don’t really know. I left a screenshot, and watched some tutorials, but I just don’t have a firm grasp of what is happening. It’s probably user error.


  4. Ann-Marie says :

    Wow! I had no idea about the yellow paints used for the Marine Corps WWII vehicles, that’s so interesting! I also found the W3C website to be extremely useful, and it’s nice to know that we can all refer to it.

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